Of the most expensive Android apps on Google Play Store

In the past few years, smart phones literally invaded this world. Millions of people are buying these smart phones each year. Android, Windows Phone and Apple's IOS and other operating systems that run on these phones, but statistics reveal that Android has become one of the most popular operating platforms for these phones. And customers tend to buy Android phones due to their ease of use and a myriad of interesting and that facilitate everyday tasks for users applications. Another important factor here is that most of these applications are relatively cheap compared with those offered by Windows or Apple's iPhone, which some of these applications are also completely free of charge. However, there are some applications provided by Android, which is rather expensive and the main goal is to target specific communities of customers. Some of these applications are very useful while some only for the purpose of showing off. So, dear reader, if you are looking for applications such as this, it should be realized from this list that we review the most expensive 5 most expensive apps on Android for 
the year 2014

I leave you with programs

$100 Dollar App
$100 Dollar App

This application is filed within that non-useful applications that have only one purpose to show any ostentation of riches. With this application on your mobile phone, you can let others know you're a rich person and your name will be added in the list of the rich. If you purchase this application is about $ 100 will give you a small icon that can be placed anywhere in the home screen.

MBE Preparation

Another application targeting specific users in the United States who are users who engaged in the profession of lawyers. Where can this application to browse (MBE) - is a test designed to determine whether an eligible candidate for the practice of law in a particular jurisdiction - and to find the solution easily instead of searching in books which can be very boring for them. Exam consists of 200 questions about which is the same as that being put on the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam Exam (MPRE). The price of this application is $ 199.99.of this application is $ 199.99.

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus

Vuvuzela World Cup Horn Plus
Of non-useful applications as well. His goal was the primary marketing the World Cup which was held in 2010. The amount of $ 200 can be used to encourage your favorite team by tilting the phone. Also when you touch the screen constantly, you can hear the cry of a broadcaster. Now, the application may seem kind of childish to some readers, but believe me there are some football fans could do worse things to show support for their team. Spend $ 200 on this application of soft interest rates may not be a big problem for them.

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