Disclosure of new information about Apple and H


After months of announcement Apple's first intelligent clock her and is an hour, "Apple and H" and that will not be available in the global market, but within the next year in 2015, the new number of the features of this smart time been exposed note that Apple was concise in explaining advantages of this new device.

And it seems that it started to become clear with time, a lot of new features smart time of Apple's "Apple and H" and returned this electronic essence of a lot of ink spilled after the emergence of new information after the page updated American version of the Apple site.

There is no doubt that the new information would be a very pleasant surprise for those who are waiting for the new smart time and Apple fans sign in general, and according to what has been announced in the official website of the company, the user will be able to edit the display as desired by adding important information for him either attached This calendar, stock market news, or even sunrise and sunset, and others in addition to changing the shape and design of the clock display according to different tastes.

It would also be possible for users of e-mail service on the hour Ai H use smilies in e-mails or even by user fees.

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