4 reasons that will make you give up on Facebook and other social networks!

In a previous article I talked about the benefits of Facebook and how you can be a site that visit him more than once a day a reason to improve our lives for the better, and the nature of the case, social networks, led by Facebook have positives and negatives as well as anything else in this world, so in this article I thought I should talk about the four cons of Facebook and social networking in general, we as users of these sites. Of course this information Tsentd to research and scientific studies carried out by global and well-known universities.

Facebook addiction may exceed cigarette addiction
Will become more addicted to social networks of cigarettes. And this is shown by a study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago. This study included 205 volunteers for a week, where they resisted stronger desires, but when it comes to Balfaspock found they could not give it up for anything else.

  ! Facebook has Lets for real friends
In other exciting Bunting carried out by four British universities, the study included 500 people .otban that the photos you share in your Facebook may adversely affect your relationship with your friends, which may lead in some cases to the risk of loss between you and them the relationship as well as the intimate relationship that connects you with the level of these people.

  Facebook makes you a victim of fat as well as debt
Well, if what I read above enough, I suspect that this is why the sponsor to convince you Bmaat these social networks, which increase the risk of weight!. Where the Columbia and the University of Pittsburgh tested on 541 people, so isolated into two groups, the first group allowed her to browse social networks, while the second group was not allowed to do so.
Experience has shown that the first group was more to eat chocolate cake to come, as preparation for food and non-essential purchases that cause obesity showed. In other words, Facebook makes you a victim of fat as well as debt.

Alvesopk may cause you depression
The most surprising thing is that you may not look very happy when you use social networks, but may cause you depression. This has been demonstrated in a study by sociologists at the University of Utah Valley, where this study included about 425 students to see if they are happy or not when using social networks.
CONCLUSION: show that spends a lot of time on social networks tend to feel depressed, and his life boring. This may be related to the sad moments encountered by a person in the virtual world.

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