Commercial catastrophic failure of the phone Galaxy S5!

Galaxy S5

It seems that the new phone the South Korean company Samsung Galaxy S5 did not achieve what was expected of it especially as it is the main phone company during the year 2014, Samsung expectations were very large in this context, however, the sales form the size of a big shock has ridden administrator portable devices sector in the company.

Despite the great reputation and fame enjoyed by Samsung phones, but we acknowledge that the company's sales of smartphones in the low and on top of the new phone Galaxy S5, which was intended to achieve record sales, and this problem is mainly due to fierce competition from Chinese phones .

Phone Galaxy S5 sales had sales of less than 40 percent of what they expect from Samsung, but it is even less than phone sales the previous Galaxy S4, as witnessed Chinese market, the biggest loss for the company and that have been identified in 50 percent of the market share and because of the strong competition by Chinese smart phone companies.

New figures released by the newspaper (Wall Street Journal) is expected to be plaguing the current Director of the sector portable devices in Samsung "JK Shin" and that mm is expected to lose his job.

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