Mozilla unveils new search interface in Firefox

Mozilla unveils
It seems that the Mozilla Foundation really want to make the browser "Mozilla Firefox" Nada and a strong contender in the world of browsers, especially Google Chrome, and after step adoption search Yahoo engine as the engine by default in the browser instead of engine Google announced yesterday for new updates to the interface search browser.

Mozilla and in constant search for the development of browser, Firefox after ten years of presence in the Web world decided to change the Google search engine Yahoo default engine, in addition to integrating the properties enables users to browse anonymously to maintain the confidentiality and privacy, but they are still working on a number of updates new.
The new update is on the search mechanism level in the Mozilla Firefox browser and it did not come actually new to the design or location level, but it came to improving the list of proposals search results when they are writing a keyword, as well as the icons phenomenon under the list of proposals was able to access directly to the engines and sources of different search.

The new update on the search mechanism level in Mozilla Firefox browser is expected to be available in December.

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