10 unknown facts about the most powerful man in the Apple "Tim Cook."

Tim Cook, not just the most powerful man in the Apple. But decisions that affect the lives of all lovers and used for Apple products. Why not decide which devices will use every day and what are the functions that will be performed by these devices for us the impact of Tim Cook not only respect but even persons as well as affect the technologies that are being used by companies Okhry.lzlk If you want to learn more about the character of this the strong man, I advise you to read this follow-up article.

Tim Cook

Cook was born in Robertsdale, Alabama. He graduated from Auburn University, where he studied industrial design.
Prior to joining Apple, Tim Cook worked for the company for 12 years at rival Apple, IBM.
During his time at IBM, earned a master's degree at Duke University, by attending evening classes.
Since chaired for Apple and Tim Cook works on the management of this company with the utmost calm, known about this man that discusses the issues and likes to stand on every nook and cranny himself, it does not melt to travel to China for a meeting with leaders of the company in Asia to resolve the situation or any problem list.
Can be called Cook humble man. In 2010, he bought a house in the "Palo Alto" in the amount of $ 1.9 million, which is certainly "humble abode" Due to the fact that the wealth of Tim Cook at the time was close to one hundred million dollars.
While many executives of Apple love to travel and discover the world on a yacht, but the favorite place to Tim Cook for the holiday is the heights of Yosemite National Park.
Cook estimated charity. At the beginning of his tenure as CEO has created a program for donations for donations from employees
It is not difficult to imagine that the work of Tim Cook schedule is very busy. However, in the shareholders' meeting, once said that he regularly watched CNBC channels and ESPN.
Steve Jobs and Cook have very little in common, except for the love of rock music for years sixties.
The shocking truth of these facts, is a recognition Tim Cook sexual Bcdhuzh This statement came (in his opinion) Kdamh to gay issues in the world!

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