Microsoft sets date to detect the features of Windows 10

Windows 10

After Microsoft unveiled a few months ago about the new operating system "Windows 10" where the

company confirmed that it will talk about the advantages of this system in detail at the beginning of 2015, but the new press reports indicate that the date on which Microsoft has decided to offer the advantages of Windows 10 it will be at the end of the month next January.

The new system, Windows 10 is the latest system and Microsoft have come to exceed the pitfalls and technical problems which Windows 8 system floundering, the most important and what brought him and the new Windows system 10 that will be compatible with all devices and platforms.

  Site The Verge pointed out that Microsoft is preparing to introduce the new system features of Windows 10 is not on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 held in Las Vegas in January and the beginning but at the end of January, in particular the effectiveness of the company according to informed sources of the site.

The new efficiency will be appropriate for the company to provide the advantages of Windows 10 in detail before the launch of the beta version "Consumer Preview" waiting for the final version in the second half of 2015.

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