Create your own alert to rain

Create your own alert to rain

There is no doubt that the usefulness of this device is too large for the housewife in order to speed up the collection of clothes. Or the owner of the car in order to protect his car from the rain clay ...

Along with lots and lots to the needs of each person ...

The idea of the machine

Device is a clip washing of wood surrounds the limbs, which grab the stuff a piece of non-wire insulated, he works as the key to the bell but it will be the kind of caller in the normal state (when there is no pressure on the hind limbs), but if we put something between the two parties happen separation between them

What if we put them something dissolves in water to happen, but not sparkling tablet ??

Now In normal situation clamp Catching sparkling tablet and do not connect the power circuit to the bell. . But when the rain fall Foran will happen in the disk and dissolves relates to both ends of the clamp and thus ringing the bell

The clamp can be placed in an empty cup to collect rain water to the speed of the disk Foran

We hope that this idea may be gained admiration they are easy to implement and very simple and inexpensive components

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