How clouds are formed

In this research we will address today about the secrets of clouds
It clouds! People tried to find out their secrets for thousands of years, and woven around the myths and some people claim that the gods of the clouds! And they worship her and are afraid of them, and ask them to Trozkhm, so the Koran came to correct these beliefs and tells us that clouds and rain form is a natural phenomenon, God is controlled entirely!

Measuring tools have evolved greatly, and became scientists use satellites to study clouds, after the development of the science of meteorology and the evolution of temperature measurement, pressure, density and moisture devices, it was possible to conduct rigorous studies on the clouds to learn the secrets of the rain. It is important facts discovered cumulus clouds. It has been shown that the clouds begin to form atoms of steam condense and accumulate due to electric charges and dust in the air and then form small clouds.

These clouds piling up on top of each to become like mountains, and when the scientists measured these high clouds turned out to be stretching thousands of meters into the air, in exactly the same high mountains, Glory to God!

The trip form clouds begin to pay water vapor atoms from the sea by the wind toward the top. Then combine these atoms from the vapor to form clouds. Then accumulate these clouds on top of each until they are ready to take down the water which,

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