How to open two accounts of Facebook browser Google Chrome

How to open two accounts of Facebook browser Google Chrome

Many of us who signed this error ... is when the person to open two accounts of Facebook in that one in the same browser (eg Firefox) browser and this is what makes your account vulnerable to stop by the site, not because you opened two accounts together, of course not, but site Facebook think that someone else has opened your account so the UAC security measure until the knowledge of the account holder and have often done either activate the phone or check images friends but what scares to ask the site activation across a copy of the national card because some users do not put their names true .... But now we will see the possibility of opening accounts at one time.
(Only for those browsing Paljocal Chrome)

To open two accounts to Facebook at the same time there are two methods as follows

The first way
When you open your account in Google Chrome and in the moment you want to open another account.
At this moment you have only to press the button on the mouse right button as the following picture
The second method
And is the easiest and best way is to press ctrl + shift + n then will open a special page as the following picture

Then enter the Facebook site and open another account

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