Piracy of thousands of surveillance cameras across the world on the Russian site

Exposed thousands of surveillance cameras to an act of piracy, and recently appeared on the site of thousands of Russians coming from all over the world and this special surveillance cameras, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom and France to videos.

And the French news agency indicated that these videos belong to dozens of countries and that the Russian site, which has been operating for the month of exploiting the gaps in protection systems as well as the absence or passwords in order to get these videos from surveillance cameras and deployed in the target countries.

In addition to surveillance cameras in the United States, the United Kingdom and France, this process is also aimed at countries such as Pakistan, Kenya and Nicaragua, and others, and also are rated videos on the site across the country or across the quality of surveillance cameras where the camera is considered China's most targeted addition Foscam Linksys camera to the American and Japanese Panasonic.

  According to British authorities, the latter presented Russian counterpart to a formal request for the closure of the site mentioned, and it is waiting for a response in which it advises users of surveillance cameras to make sure their own security as well as the standards or change passwords

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