Tidal phenomena are natural lagoons Thdthan water oceans and seas under the influence of the moon and the sun mainly secondarily. Tide height is temporary stepwise in the ocean or sea water level. Carrots and my time is gradual in the ocean or sea water levels drop.

Factors affecting the occurrence of the tides are:

Power to attract the moon and the sun of the land.
Centrifugal force of the Earth.
Comes to mind is some logical question that the sun is the most influential of the moon while experience shows us the opposite reason can be explained scientifically and accurately as well. Before that, we will try to explain how the occurrence of the phenomenon.

Interpretation of the phenomenon
Water represents an intermediate state between gas and steel are high density approaching the density of solids and at the same time is not coherent and does not have a form consistent and therefore unfold around the globe to create a form flat balanced forces and we report them in the study of equilibrium surfaces when building for example.

We know that there is a mutual attraction between the forces of both the earth and the sun and the moon, but other celestial bodies, although relatively noticeable and this one of the most well-known in nature and which accurately tracks large objects control is particularly strong.

Back to the water if we imagine a piece of rubber tight so that it looks flat and then Sakbna water above Fsnlahz that the piece began Taatqar so hanging down from the middle. This means that the weight of the water showed a strong mutual attraction with the earth much more than a piece of rubber and it is obvious that the weight of the water where the position is much greater than the weight of the rubber piece. Also note that the forces of attraction peak in the center of the rubber piece while almost nothing has changed on the edges. It is quite happens when another celestial body is trying to contribute adversely to the Earth's gravity, so trying to disarm objects from the ground towards him a magnet attracts nails while falling to the ground.

If we expect to increase the concentration of the forces of the water attraction toward the moon or the sun (or any celestial body affects the forces of mutual attraction with the ground) in the middle of the ocean with him in the land. In fact, the effect of the moon's gravity and the sun on the objects on the ground is very small compared to the gravity of the earth itself, and this is the reason for not slat moon or the sun finally to grab even a fraction of the water or other land. But what was once a huge tracts bodies of water compared to the blessing or a lake, this anti-gravity of other celestial bodies like the moon and the sun seem remarkable in what is known as the phenomenon of the tides.

When the moon or the sun is perpendicular to the water surface center makes it as much as possible from the forces of mutual attraction with this surface and thus Enbj shaped body of water to make it appear as if the Earth has become a bear bump or bulge additional peak at that point.

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