What is the wind?

 the wind

Wind is a movement of air that occur due to changes in air pressure due to the sun is the main reason for the change in temperature and air pressure

What is the use of wind?
Distribution of temperature and pressure of the atmosphere around the Earth
Winds cause rainfall
And carry seeds from place to place Vtnept eats humans and animals and birds
Move sailing ships

How and why the air is moving?
When the air is heated by sunlight or heat reflection from the ground, it rises to the top and drop down into the cold air
We hear in the Bulletin Trough Air or area high pressure .... What does this mean?
Alhoaoualsakn rise to the top because the air is composed of a group and with the increase in gas expands with heat and stray atoms and molecules for some Vijv weight and thus ascend to higher and less pressure on the ground and called low pressure area
Conversely be cold air heavier and more pressure on the ground and this region is called high-pressure area
As the descent of water from a high place to place so too low air comes from the high air areas to places of low pressure comes breezes cool air in hot weather to cool the air ...... Think
The main area of low pressure is an area equator, either high-pressure areas are poles
Because of the Earth's rotation around itself Vihrk air from the Arctic in the diagonal line to the right and then to the south of the equator (and therefore called North wind) and tilted to the left from the South Pole to the equator to the north (and so-called South wind)

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