Why is the sky blue ?

The sky is blue, but how is this done?
We all know that light is made up of seven colors of the sun sends us light, who is most often seen in white light and in the analysis or when
Refraction of light in nature is evident in the process pose rainbow, where water droplets lead role-based prism reflects light refraction occurs, and for the light from the sky Valmswol break it is the atmosphere surrounding the globe where solves the latter replaces the prism-based.

When you reach the sun's rays that are spread in every direction to the atmosphere -almosor-natural-based scatter to the spectrum, the sky appears blue.

But why the color blue?

Physically, light is made of waves, and the most important characteristics of the wave, what is termed the wave length, seven Voloan spectrum is made of waves, each wave -lon- "Toul-" specific and thus each wave - color- certain refraction angle Vzawah and Rhode sunlight wave to the ground in addition to the privacy of the atmosphere - which is mostly from oxygen atoms and nitrogen and some consists of vapor atoms Alme- cause refraction of blue with a disproportionate wave and the angle of atmospheric roses along. While the reflected blue stray other colors combined, output is in the end is the color the sky.

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