3 Simple Steps to relax

3 Simple Steps to relax

The ability to relax is one of the important keys to keep the health of the body, where he works to relax on reset hormone levels and reduce heart rate and blood pressure, also has great benefits in the fight against diseases, and increase mental capacity we have.

Some people suffer when trying to relax, where he takes up a lot of time to reach an appropriate situation in which the body and mind in a state of complete rest, however, there is a simple relaxation techniques can help you to reach for the development of mental relaxation and physical, every one of us has a certain response point try to rest the body, the goal here is that we get to this point by exercising the appropriate relaxation exercises.

Choose the appropriate environment

Look for a place free of noise where you can close your eyes comfortable and relaxing quietly for some time, bring your tools to help you reach the state of complete rest, such as sitting on a comfortable chair, and get away from the annoying lights, and sit at the same moderate Joe temperature room, also of best to wear comfortable clothes because they have an important role in this process.

Face feeling comfortable during all parties to the body

Rest your palms on the thighs, then imagine the mental stress and fatigue out of the parties to the body gradually, focused on this point, and the perception that fatigue starts to get out of your head, then felt mentally release from your neck, and then from your face, forehead, and so forth, then drag relax mentally through your shoulders, then on your back, chest, stomach, thighs, knees, until it reaches the bottom of your feet, keep your thoughts floating in space and focused on the relief of the entire body.

May help you to know the causes of fatigue in detail, read here: the reasons you feel tired permanently.

Focus on your breathing method

Take deep breaths through the nose and then remove the air from your mouth, relax after routing through your body from top to bottom and continued to breathe deeply comfortable with thinking and wellness.

With practice, you will be able assets to a deep state of serenity mental and physical comfort and a clear sense of renewal and awakening in just a few minutes.

Relaxation helps to get rid of stress, which leads to happiness, might be interested in: How to be happy in a 12-step.

  Relaxation is important as it helps maintain the vitality and well-being of your body, so practiced on a daily basis to get rid of stress, as well as tried to develop manners to arrive at the state of deep rest quickly, with practice will adapt with the exercises and will master relax more effectively.

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