5 different and interesting ways to avoid addiction to Facebook

Here in the Code Educate yourself give you 5 ways if you want to stay away from Facebook
Maybe you think you may read this article in too late, and Facebook already dominates your life, but there
are always ways to rehabilitate and help others to treat their addiction to Facebook .tava is not easy to resist the most popular social network in the world charm. But nevertheless there are some ways that may mitigate damage to the network on our lives.


1-interest in social activities
Social networks to control most of our time, and therefore stopped many other social activities. So the ways to overcome these networks, led by Facebook is interesting for other activities and try to get out of the online world. Either for a walk or to meet with or see your family, with programming and other activities such as watching a movie or doing field ...
You can also join one of the clubs Coenurus your favorite hobby. The important thing is to leave your home and see the other side of this world.

2-Use additions to your device

If you have difficulty stopping the entry to Facebook every 10 minutes, there are some additions to the browsers that prevent access to the social network, or designate certain hours, you get to the daily maximum time to use these networks.
These add-ons are available for various browsers, as well as help you to avoid or recover from addiction to Facebook, and increase productivity.

3-not to download Facebook application on your smartphone
As is well known social network Facebook as the rest of the sites can also be accessed via smartphone, the thing that makes us more addicted to it, and thus can play  application of the network (if you already have) in your phone, or not loaded, to keep only contact you this site via your computer only.

4-use applications on your smartphone to block access to Facebook
There are also some additions that prevent access to Facebook on your computer, there are applications that do the same thing in the case of devices  example BreakFree ideal application to overcome any type of addiction such as Facebook and others.

5-disabled your account on Facebook

There are some people who prefer to leave Facebook for a certain period of time. You can disable your social network without Hzvh.obzlk you can set a deadline for yourself; for example, less than 3 weeks. In the first and second weeks will almost certainly feel isolated from the world. And will also be a moment of discovery of things you can do with the time that you no longer use the Facebook.
Finally, in the third week you will see that it is possible to live without Facebook, you can also develop a plan if you so wish, to return to the social network, but a controlled manner by the knowledge that there is life outside of Facebook.

Are you addicted to Facebook? What is the best way in your mind to leave the social network?

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