5 interesting things you know and try it in a USB key must

USB keys are the tools that are frequently used and allow us to store large amounts of data is an easy way to transfer data between different devices is not limited to computers. These keys today began to die out something is something, especially some of the emergence of smart phones, as well as cloud storage services, but nonetheless you can always take advantage of these small tools in different uses perhaps may not be attentive to her so dear reader, in this post, God willing, you will learn about some of these uses.

5 interesting things you know and try it in a USB key must

1. Computer Lock
We can use the key USB Old tool to secure protection and to prevent unauthorized access to our computers through syskey in the Windows system feature.

2. Save and share Wi-Fi Information
Windows offers the option to save a copy of the file that contains the Wi-Fi networks in the USB key, either as a precautionary measure or to facilitate the exchange access process when joining a new computer network.
In this way just enough for another user insert the USB key on his computer and run the file that has been generated through the windows. The latter will make a new definition appears in the list of available networks without searching, as the SSID of the network file includes, as well as the password. This also means you can use to speed up the Xbox 360 connection to the network.
To activate this feature by clicking the right mouse button to click the Wi-Fi network code that you want to share (from a list of contacts in the Windows  ), and then click "Properties." In the new window that opens go to the "contact", click on "File Copy this network to a USB flash drive."

3. Convert USB key to a portable Web server
There are thousands of interesting mobile applications that you can run through a USB key, and in this post I suggest you apply Maybe it will be very useful for web developers called Server2Go a small tool great potential, as this application is considered as full and free Web server, and you can of course the experience of your projects it even if you do not have an Internet connection or need to work on a computer is not available on the server that is already installed.

4. Install the operating system
Of course if you want to install the new system on the computer most of the time would consider buying DVD burning operating the system and all those long stages, but you can Alasfadh of your USB key to install any operating system without any problems, and regardless of the type of computer to Dak.kma You can also in the same frame to install the system on a USB and boot from it in the sense you can make Alaossbe key steel disk has an operating system!

5.annagaz your computer from viruses
If you can not run your computer and suspect that the cause is a virus, the best way to solve the problem is with the AVG Rescue CD Software. With this tool, which can be downloaded to a USB key, you can be doing a survey and find out if your computer has a virus, really, and you can also use other utilities that come with this tool.
To use it, you must go to this site and download the USB version. There are explained to her at the same site.

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