Disclosure of the date of submission of the LG phone curved LG G Flex 2

There is no doubt that the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 exhibition and is known for short as "CES" would be suitable for both companies in the world to offer digital RCI, and the South Korean company LG will not be the exception, where she spoke about the sources of its intention to announce her new LG G Flex 2.

And is the Consumer Electronics Show exhibition and one of the most important exhibitions of technology that are held each year in Las Vegas US in the first week of January, and it seems that we will be this year on a date with many surprises prepared by the digital world companies to the public, especially fans and those who follow the news, and some of the surprises started to leak to the press.

Where sources indicate that the South Korean company LG will unveil new smart phone and curved LG G Flex 2 events during the CES 2015, the new phone will come with a number of features according to the leaks, but it will not be much different from the first version, which was launched this year.

According to news circulating, the LG G Flex 2 will come curved and screen flexible "P-OLED" and but smaller than in the first version of the phone, as it will be the strongest terms of accuracy, in addition to that, all that we know that the new phone will work system the new Android 5.0 without knowing the date of its launch in the market and the final price.

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