No one earns money from the Windows Phone phones!

Windows Phone

There is no doubt that your hardware phones "Windows Phone" Microsoft's system is one of the most important of these systems and replace in third place behind both Android is owned by Google and Apple system (iOS) but even so it seems that this system does not attract the smart phone manufacturers, and is what confirmed by the Director of the communication sector in Huawei.

Since the spread of mobile technology smart acquired Google its system Android on the larger market share, followed thereafter rival Apple its system iOS while not find Microsoft seemed to enter into this competition through its "Windows Phone" but it seems that did not achieve the desired results to the extent that the company has become find it difficult to convince manufacturers to produce phones do.

Communication sector director of the company Huawei In a lengthy interview with his American Journal "Seattle Times" stressed that Huawei has no plans to launch a new phone system, Windows Phone, and because of the problems in the financial profitability as the administrator in the third-largest phone maker in the world to say "No one earns money from the Windows Phone phones, "referring to the lack of people's willingness to Microsoft's mobile system.

Although the Chinese company Huawei is preparing to enter the US market, they do not see the Windows Phone system the ideal solution for this, and despite the fact that Microsoft has achieved sales of its system this year was estimated at 33.5 million phone according to the statistics, they will not achieve only 5.6 percent of the market share in 2018 by estimates.

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