A une page sur Facebook? Apprenez EdgeRank et des contrôles dans chaque Matincrh

A une page sur Facebook? Apprenez EdgeRank et des contrôles dans chaque Matincrh

Can you identify this mystery which hide Facebook pages for managers to Facebook, you can for the first time you'll hear it, but Facebook every Matincrh not appear on your page, but for 30% of the fans who are on the page. This password is controlled by an algorithm called b Edgerank Vmaho the Edgerank and how it can be published threads on your page in Facebook where to overcome this Juizimh as possible?
What edgerank

Edgerank: is a Juezimih devised and hosted by Facebook lies in that all Matincrh on your page is subject to the rules of 3: How many fans who interacted with the publication, publication type and capacity, timing of the publication of the publication.

AFFINITY SCORE say the number of those who interacted with Mnchork, which determines how many fans who interacted with your publications Whenever the fan status impressive suspension or pointing to pictures Tag or page publications higher the (affinity score) UE making what was published by Dahr for more fans and vice versa, meaning it whenever published an interaction with weak whenever he published an Dhour for more than the others in the fan page is weak, that's always tried to invite fans to interact with your publications by placing a comment, admiration or pointing their friends.

EDGE WEIGHT This publication identifies capacity. Vfaspock considered publishing a picture of the most important publishing a link or writing only as to raise ڤedio and published on the page is the most important of the publication as well as a link or image or writing on the wall because the EW cares capacity publication larger the capacity of the largest Dahr whenever a large number of admirers.

  TIME DAY This determines the time it was published subject, and this is also important for Dhour subject to the largest number of fans to your page for example, to be published on the subject one am not as if the subject were published at 10 at night! He is also in the case of published anything on the page and immediately after the published another thing the Facebook will give more attention to another publication published by the publication earlier account and you will notice that the number of views last topic is much larger than the previous topic views.

Thus, this control Aljuezmyat in all Matincrh on your page on Facebook, and of course invented remains to push the owners of pages to pay money for their subjects Dhour more admirers and friends.

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