A US court has fined $ 10,000 Facebook!

A US court has fined $ 10,000 Facebook!

Again finds social networking Facebook site itself in the dock over charges of violating the private lives of its users, where she is preparing a US court in California to pass judgment on the company may spend amount of $ 10,000 and due to survey users messages in order to provide targeted advertising services.

It is known that the social networking site Facebook, and since its inception can manage access to private messages to users content, and despite the fact that the site confirms that the goal of this is not to spy on users, but rather to provide targeted and more accurate advertising services, but it seems that this argument is not convince the court.

The case began in 2013 after the development of a US citizen named "Matthew Campbell" lawsuit Facebook accuse them access to private messages content in order to provide advertising services in what is considered a violation of the private lives of users, and despite the fact that Facebook has denied the charge and said it not the only one doing it, but that the court is not so satisfied.

According to site the nextweb the Inter-American Court decided that the case will continue in 2015 with the weights that will be fined 10,000 Facebook for every person affected Vaspock policy could push the site to give up its standards in this area.

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