Acer launches new smart phone Liquid Jade S

Acer launches new smart phone Liquid Jade S

Taiwanese company "Acer" revealed new smart phone "Liquid Jade S", which is an updated version of her former Liquid Jade, which was launched in the month of May, and will come in many technical features.

The phone and Liquid Jade S update to the phone Liquid Jade but also is the first phone from Acer mesh 64 House means that a device will be a very high efficiency.

The new phone Liquid Jade S will come with a number of features, including IPS screen measuring 5 inches and eight-core processor MediaTek MT6752M mesh 64 House and frequency of 1.5 GHz in addition to 2 GB Xah random memory and 16 GB of internal storage capacity.

The Liquid Jade S will be equipped with the first Pkamirtin in the backend precisely 13 megapixel and the second one in the front end 5 megapixel accurately, in addition to the new phone will support two tranches of SIM.

And Liquid Jade S phone will come a price of $ 225 and will be settled starting from December 18 in the current Taiwan with the possibility of marketing in the rest of the global markets.

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