Apple gets new patent to protect the phone from falling

Apple gets new patent to protect the phone from falling

The giant known by obtaining several patents since its inception Apple, obtaining a new patent to protect the device from falling, easing the greatest possible damage to the receiving device, which opens up room for the production of new devices of high-level resistance.

This mechanical rely on sensors present in the mobile phone, as it once fall of the device will recognize the sensors on the status of the phone and will seek to a simple change in the weight of the device center, which will change the status of the device during the collision land to the best position possible saves the device components of the job, such as screen or internal parts of the damage that will be caused if the device fell the wrong position, and distribute the resulting reaction force on the ground to more than a point on the perimeter of the machine away from the important parts.

This invention generally depends on three parts, the processor and the sensors and the mechanism of protection, and each part is working in collaboration with the other, and also the Mechanical able to remember the number and situations the previous fall, and even be able to take advantage of previous times to secure better protection during the fall again.

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