Broadwell Intel processors (faster processors)

It is rare to see the world leader "Intel" stuck in the production of a certain type of known microprocessors, but recently the company will fix some of the mistakes new generation product has a wider entitled "Broadwell" "processor M" provide all the improvements (better performance for CPU, graphics performance, life for the battery consumption, the new thickness to give us a chip without cooling !!).
Learn new generation of Intel (Broadwell processors faster times)

Broadwell Intel processors (faster processors)

But Intel has stumbled, tripping due to malfunction unexpectedly in time M processors manufacturing so basic Intel for the full year the meal! .

Therefore, it was expected the chip mentioned be announced during the IFA conference in Berlin at the time, so the later coincident with the holiday season with 20 processor models for different configurations, so that the head leading companies in the production of processors feel "shame" as described by one of the British magazines and why attributed to Intel's success at all levels after the production of the plurality of types of processors.

Model "ticking" sponsored by Intel is the heart of the industry computers since the arrival of the former CEO "Otellini" "Otellini" which will present the concept in 2007 .. and thus launched the new process manufacturing and is characterized by the architecture to reduce the new miniature chip at the same time improve the efficiency, performance and capacity. Therefore, the application of Intel innovations of the cycle "TICK" architecture of the new microprocessor. This is true for a generation "Broadwell" and took the heart of the fourth current generation of processor chip, known as "Haswell" and transferred to the new manufacturing process called "nano-fourteen."

M with new core chips, Intel invites you to see the performance of the CPU that will reach up to 50 percent graphics performance faster and reach 40 percent faster, and the life of the battery will reach more than 1.7 hours . In addition, the platform is fully upgraded, it also includes adequate benefits to improve the presentation of his work, including  networks, and intelligent audio technology. Processor chips will be mentioned are available before the end of this year and will be the first to desktop computers, known as "Broadwell Generation U".

But if there was to see one trying the same with the Intel generation "Broadwell" the idea is there are thinner than 9 mm disc, because research has shown that Intel has produced a thinner and lighter processors weight and attractive devices to trading clients in accordance with "Andy latency" Special marketing Director of the company, saying that "Intel pushed to force new heat treatments M design to 4.5W and so, this will push manufacturers increase the cooling fan and an additional document to mitigate any additional heat on the processor .. Ivaji something to everyone for what has been used in Lenovo computers but as a primitive experience is considered a success for the company in question.

And as a property, they will appear in the type Dell Computers (Dell Latitude 137 000). It will also use Atom processors Atom based M processors for personal computers and mini-tablets. Unfortunately, Intel has not announced so far, the new prices of production processors, but announced that the following two-speed processors: Core M 5Y70, 5Y10 and 5Y10a and described in the table below, which characterized because without cooling fan with a capacity of up to 4 watts and the execution speed Qsutea to 2.6Ghz.

Thus, the Intel invites you to discover modern games with this processor and high levels that the graphics card will arrive in HD 5300 which supports DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL 4.2 and OpenCL 2.0 software with volume control capacity of the screen, which will reach the Supreme Agaymth 3840 * 2160. the new enhancements also included with this processor card Allowaarles 2X2AC and new 802.11ac wireless called WiDi 5.0.

Intel this processor manufactured using the b 1.3 billion transistors and is more complex than its predecessor, which is called "four-core Itanium chip Intel mainframe built in 2002" and therefore there is good reason to believe that the next generation computers will be smaller, faster and more efficient as a result.

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