Default inventions were the result of the First World War

For almost a hundred years, specifically in 1914 was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and caused this incident in the Declaration of the great European war on each other, thus sparking priming the First World War, which claimed the lives of 37 million people.

As it is said in a famous sayings "Necessity is the mother of invention," and perhaps most needed times are times of war. During the First World War were the countries involved in the war going through difficult times and the challenges imposed on their people to work without rest to serve her country and in the end the result was what we enjoy today's advanced techniques and technology.

In fact armies and ministries of defense in any country always have the best research and development and finance centers, so we note that many of the new technologies have their origin in the parent of armies, research centers and what can rest assured that they no longer need these techniques or that it has reached what is the best ones to let them civilians.

Innovations have contributed to saving lives to the cause of the other was robbed exhibiting together innovations and inventions that came out of the light from the darkness of the First World War.

Air traffic control systems

the First World War

Such as the First World War was the radio waves have found their way to civilian use already, but has made great strides during the war as it represents great value for military communications, especially in the field of aviation, at that time, once the takeoff the pilot his plane was not able to communicate with any one was Officials for air traffic dependent on the signal and scream or flags and lighting fixtures to communicate with pilots to facilitate the take-off and landing process.

Before his involvement in the war, the US Army developed the first touch-aircraft system using radio waves and by 1916 was able to leaders on the ground to communicate with aircraft within 140 miles using radio waves and the ability of pilots also communicate with each other in the same year was the development of a helmet with Pmaacrawfon headset worn by the pilot to be isolated from the sound of aircraft engines, and this system has become the cornerstone of the techniques used to this day in the control of air navigation systems

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