Edward Snowden reveals new surprises!

Edward Snowden reveals new surprises!

Still repercussions spy scandal involving the agency and the US National Security NSA continuous, where the client
Former US Edward Snowden by the German newspaper "Der Spiegel" to disclose the list of contacts and programs breached encryption protocols and those that can not penetrate to the NSA now.

And was a former client Edward Snowden has leaked huge number of documents since his escape from the United States, these documents which caused the disclosure of the extent of the predominance of American intelligence agencies and control over the global communications systems and mail to spy on everyone, including heads of state and allied governments and anti addition to the organizations, institutions and the various bodies.

The new document and sudden that leaked Snowden through newspaper Der Spiegel reveals that the data encryption technology is a drawback importantly to the agency US National Security NSA in its quest to gather information, especially as it was previously limited to a small percentage of users of government and other  , but is now available for all, but the biggest surprise revealed by the document is the success of the Americans did in decrypt some protocols that everyone begrudge it too is available.

And noted the leaked document and the special US National Security Agency, NSA, the latter managed to cut through the HTTPS protocol through decrypt SSL and TLS protocol in addition to the default VPN and using protocols PPTP and IPsec and private networks that are easily bypassed by the agency.

On the other hand, the document revealed that there is much more difficult techniques in a matter of espionage them and gather information, network Tor, for example, or Pretty Good Privacy encryption software, known for short as "PGP

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