Everything you need to know to be a programmer at Google (recommended courses and skills from this company).

There is no doubt that Google employs skilled engineers and programmers in most parts of the world. Recently Google Inc. Mnfsh set up a page on its official website includes the company's recommendations and tips for each of accession programmers who want it, as presented to them as well as some of the courses and tools for online education needed by all engineers and programmers.

Google employs
These courses do not guarantee you definitively get a job at Google Inc., but even so it is probably a good thing for programmers those wishing to know what you want to know Google Inc. and skills that may qualify them someday to work with the best companies in the world.

Recommendations for learning

1. Courses in Introduction to Computer Science:
The completion of an introductory course in computer science.
  Cycle Computer Science 101

2. Learn how to program one program at least in OOP languages: C ++, Java, Python:
For beginners: Learn Programming: The Basics, Google's Python Class, Introduction to Python ...
For intercessory Experience: Software Design, learn how to create high-quality code, a course in programming languages ...

3. learning other programming languages, including:
  JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Ruby, PHP, C, Perl, Shell, Lisp, Scheme.
Sources: w3school.com - HTML Tutorial, CodeAcademy.com

4. Learn how to test Coded code:
Software Testing, Software Debugging

5. develop logical thinking and knowledge of Discrete Mathematics:
Mathematics and Computer Science

6. understanding of algorithms and data structures:
Introductory course on algorithms, an introductory course in Coursera in science algorithms (Part 1 and Part 2), data structures, types, a book about algorithms.

7. understanding of operating systems:
   Cycle Computer Science 162

8. explore artificial intelligence:
  Artificial Intelligence | Introduction to Robotics
Artificial Intelligence | natural language processing
Artificial Intelligence | machine learning

9. cryptography:
Encryption I
Application encryption: Science Secrets

10.alm parallel programming:

Parallel programming heterogeneous

Recommendations for action and the application
1. Create a site and build your own server, or create a robot:
   List of Projects Apache, Google Summer of Code, page developers from Google.
The development of a small part of a larger system, and read and understand the code.
Supporting Resources: GitHub, fogcreek.

2. Work recognized in team:
  You will learn from others, and learn teamwork.

3.ttaiwir skill and knowledge of the software algorithms:
  codejam, ACM ICPC.

4. teach others.

5.altdreb with Google:

Of course Google offers these recommendations to all programmers and Alengan.ohzh chance to see Google trends and skills required to work at one of the best companies in the world.

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