Facebook adds improvements to its search engine Graph Search

Facebook adds improvements to its search engine Graph Search

The social networking site Facebook announced on Monday the launch of a range of improvements and updates to the level of internal search engine "Graph Search" thing that will enable users to find the content published in prior periods easily.

And was Facebook has launched a search engine for internal Graph Search at the beginning of the year 2013 and is different from the rest of the search engines as Google, for example, since it can only conduct research on the social networking site Facebook and not in the rest of the Internet network.

And may have been initially capabilities search engine Graph Search very limited but Facebook began betting on the development of its search engine through this new update, which will enable users to access to the contents published some time ago, and even since the launch of the website, it will belong to the private content user or his friends.

And the application of the new update will begin starting this week and will be included in the first period of the users in the United States and on the desktop and iPhone devices.

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