Facebook alongwith recognize and apologize

Facebook alongwith recognize and apologize

As is customary at the end of each year, the social networking site's most popular "Facebook" is the launch of a private service for users aimed at documenting the year preparing , and despite the fact that it comes in basically the beautiful moments spent by users and characterized in 2014 but Facebook did not think the bad memories and what is bothering many.

The new service launched by Facebook with the end of the current year, which enables users to retrieve the most prominent moments and publications that characterized their presence on its social networking whether it's pictures or blog and that got the largest amount of Likes and interaction by algorithm private and is something that I want him in Indeed, the character bears a commemorative and celebratory, but it was not the case for many because not all publications were expressing happy events.

According to a number of sites, the crew Facebook and led by Marc Zukirberg acknowledged this error and resulting in particular from the lack of an alternative button button Lake can express their sympathy to publications that reflect the sad and events is something that payment Director Products in Facebook "Jonathan Gheller "apologies to the company.

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