Firefox released version 34 of the browser

Mozilla 34

As was expected the Mozilla Foundation announced the release of 34 the Web, "Mozilla Firefox", the new version carries a number of new additives, which appeared in an earlier trial versions but is now built by default in the new browser.

It is known that the Mozilla Foundation is every time the integration of new updates on the Mozilla Firefox browser, especially in light of the fierce competition and especially with Google, "Google Chrome" and assured that the new version of Firefox will receive the satisfaction of many people because of the new property "Hello"

In addition, the new version will come a new search mechanism was revealed by Mozilla earlier last month, the mechanism improves the search results list of proposals when they are writing a keyword, as well as icons that phenomenon under the list of proposals was able to access directly to the engines and sources different search.

The 34 version of the Mozilla Firefox browser will come new additions to the level of HTML5 in addition to a number of new updates, and for experimenting with the new version of Firefox suggest you educate yourself a blog entry on the following link: Firefox 34

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