Google adds a new feature to its search engine

Google adds a new feature to its search engine

What giant Google is still working on the development of its search engine and the most widely used through the addition of new updates and improvements to agree the general mood of the users, and among the last of these updates show lyrics on the search results page thing that will facilitate the search process.

And now the Google search engine users in the United States can show lyrics directly under the research question on the desired song in addition to link the user to transmit the e-store "Google Play", in an attempt to attract more of the kinetics of the internet.

And despite the fact that Google has not issued any statement or reference to the launch of this new property, the competent American sites confirmed this and including Techcrunch site which indicated that part of the song to be only words is shown in the results page with must log on Google Play link to access the full text of the song.

New property and that was useful for some users, it would be harmful to the interests of the sites that specializes in publishing lyrics.

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