Google delete all applications The Pirate Bay on the Play Store

The Pirate Bay

In the framework of the campaign led by the companies and the digital world institutions against sites described as illegal the Google delete all applications associated with the location of "The Pirate Bay" from the e-store "Google Play Store".

And is the site The Pirate Bay, which was established in the State of Sweden in 2003 and one of the largest loading platforms and participation of different torrent files, and the supervisors point out that they describe the greatest surfer of BitTorrent on the Web at all, and it is against what they call a monopoly on the Internet, as accused by government agencies and official of being in breach of the moral and intellectual property rights of the owners of the rights and is summoned prevented in a number of countries around the world.

And may the last countries that decided to prevent network The Pirate Bay is a state on the territory of France, came Google's decision coincided with the recent French decision, and Google has decided to delete all applications associated with the location of The Pirate Bay from store-mail Play Store and in particular those applications that helps to overcome and circumvent the preventive measures against this site, such as "The Pirate Bay Proxy" or as "The Pirate Bay Mirror".

And while some saw in this step is a good issue in the framework of the fight against piracy and others saw and including deleted applications developers that it is a violation and controlled by Google on Internet users.

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