Google fears the loss of "stars" YouTube

Google fears the loss of "stars" YouTube

There is no doubt in the fact that of the Google YouTube platform is the first and most important reference for the content makers across the world and is making YouTube occupies the lead in this area, but even so it seems that Google fears of competition and want to maintain their star Alboudcastrz.
According to an article in the newspaper "Wall Street Journal", citing reliable sources close to the file Google is trying to maintain its stars from celebrities who emerged on the platform of the YouTube video and in order to avoid being brought about by video platforms competition and it seems that "signals "moving towards Facebook.

And despite the fact that Facebook is the first social networking site in the world, but the limits of his ambition does not stop at this point, the company has been investing in this period given by developing and improving the presentation of videos on its addition, the news refers to the desire to Facebook launch video platform competition to YouTube.

In addition, other Alokhbara Chirely other video service called "Vessel" intends to contract with the Stars YouTube to show their videos exclusively on its first three days prior to submission to YouTube what would be a big loss for Google, and resolve this issue intends to Google grants content makers months on a platform of financial grants in addition to contracts for the provision of their content exclusively on YouTube.

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