How do you see movies on YouTube in the VLC program

There are many Arab and Western movies are available for viewing on YouTube directly and different quality, but in fact, to watch a movie on YouTube makes it necessary to stay glued to Bnavdh viewing and can not open a chat on Facebook or doing other activities at the same time. Indeed, this is the problem that you Asadfha in a lot of cases. For it in this post way watch movies in YouTube on the VLC program simply.

All you had to do first is to be available on the VLC program was then based Bakhadd ڤedio YouTube link and you open the program and go to the following path: Media then click on Open network stream then put my link you copied it, and so you see the movie on the VLC

Of course you can add a property to make apparent VLC program in all of windows that you open and so you can ensure you watch video-based and other activities where it enforceable VLC program will not disappear when you open other windows at the computer. You can do this step by going to the videos in the program and click on Always in top

  That's all I hope that the Mavi Thread benefit

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