How to solve any mathematical equation using a camera phone!

Math fun for some permanent nightmare for most students. Regardless of which side we are, the advent of computers is often in the form of learning mathematics and the rest of the other sciences, but as of today, is likely to "learn" and save the sports rules become optional. What for? The reason is PhotoMath, which is the application that solves mathematical equations Once you take a picture using her smartphone.
How to solve any mathematical equation using a camera phone

How to solve any mathematical equation using a camera phone!

Mathematics is the science that confuses a lot of people, but there are tools such as wolframalpha one of the sites that will help you definitely solve any mathematical equation, whatever the degree of difficulty in Thoan.lkn problem is what if you're away from your computer, or you want to get an immediate result without any equation a waste of time? of course, the solution is to use the application PhotoMath which may be as a teacher math in your pocket, and not only that but distinguished it is that you can solve the equation just using a camera phone without the need to use the keyboard, I am not exaggerating, just watch the video below:

The application works in real time and uses a text recognition technology to solve equations directly from the paper without usually entered and written again, including mathematical expressions, fractions, decimals, foundations and roots ... It is expected that it will include more operations in the future. Once directing the camera from your mobile phone to the equation, Vtzlahz that the application will give you the result. You can also show the steps involved to get to this result. Application wondrous, but it is impressive to some extent.
How to solve any mathematical equation using a camera phone!

I think that the value of this application PhotoMath tool is no doubt a very practical, but it is always advisable to use such tools to be sure of the result and not relying upon completely, especially for students .voatkd he would not allow you to use mobile phones and smartphones when the examination and testing.

It was noted that this application is now available for IOS system and Windows Phone, while Android users will be forced to wait until next year to download the application to their phones.

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