Iran is seeking to run a security system to identify anyone on the Internet

Iran is seeking to run a security system to identify anyone on the Internet


Known evolution of technological, and containment of the experts from the programmers and developers and even perforated by professionals, the Iranian government is now seeking to run my new security system has never seen by any country of such a system, of course, away from the political views only our mission here is to publish all that is new in the field of technology.

The objective of this system is to identify the user's identity once he enters the web, any person upon entry to the Internet anywhere was, at home or at the coffee shop or ..., and even if the income from a device other than the device that was used before, it will be to identify this person immediately, and thus any action by the user the government will know that this person has done this, even when visiting public codes will also know the government.

This system is highly developed and a new order in the world of information security, and will recognize the identity of all persons on the Web, but is not recognized on the identity of the person, there will be Internet service until they are identified, according to what he said Iran's Minister of Communications, and so far there is no minimum information on how the system works, and will work soon.

I repeat that we are in the Code Educate yourself far away from politics, hope your understanding, and thank you

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