Learn computer Antikythera, which dates back to two thousand years ago

Learn computer Antikythera, which dates back to two thousand years ago

If you think that the oldest computer has made in the last century, it is wrong inevitably, yes if you mean a computer screen, a keyboard and fund you're right, but the computer from its name means that the device does calculations are complex and simple at high speed, and civilizations preceding they have computers you make specific operations in different areas, they have invented computers to help them in the development of science and research, such as the ancient Greek Antikythera computer.

Found in the Antikythera island on a computer in the wreckage of an ancient ship, it is believed that the computer back to between 100-150 BC, before more than 2000 years of our time, and belongs to the old computer to the Greek civilization, it is possible that the world, which made it the world Greek astronomer Hipparchus, because of the mechanical device that works and theories that depend on them some theories developed by Hipparchus in itself.

Believes that this computer was used for science and astronomical predict eclipses, as it contains many pieces and indicators that were moving to indicate a certain astronomical situation, and the computer work on the ancient solar calendar Egyptian system, and some studies have confirmed that this computer was working with high accuracy and by a very small error in the astrological predictions.
Of course many of the pieces do not exist, and the rest is very corrupted, and after discovering renovated and some modifications made to it to discover more of  around him, but so far there are still some things are not clear, and did not know about this device.

This discovery proves to us that earlier civilizations was a high degree of knowledge, has been able to evolve and the invention of machinery and equipment and sophisticated modern for their time, it is known that he has yet to discover any little thing of machinery and equipment used in the spree.

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