Nao robot hiring a consultant sales

Nao robot hiring a consultant sales

It is clear that robotics technology is still in constant evolution to the extent that it seems that these machines may take days somewhere and functions of human beings, and it is what has become possible after the signing of Aldebaran Robotics manufacturer robot Nao an agreement for employment as a consultant sales in a series of famous department stores .

Nao robot and is one of the most famous robots in the market and is produced by Aldebaran Robotics company and be able to do in several roles, including household chores and caring for people, but now it is gearing up for a new experience in the field of trade through his work as a consultant sales.

And Aldebaran Robotics manufacturer of the robot Nao company has signed an agreement with a series of Darty stores in France and Philips company in order that the robot to work as a consultant sales and exactly in the gallery of electronic devices, will be the primary role of presentations on products, all of Philips especially bulbs model Hue .

And the robot Nao has undergone several tests during the last period to simulate the process of selling products through working and use his computer tablet to convince shoppers to buy the usefulness of certain products offers.

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