Raise the files that are larger than 20 GB free of charge and without waiting for the downloadmyairbridge

Every day new services provide a larger area of the lifting and participation in order to appear, and so are myairbridge service that currently offers you the ability to share files exceed the size of the 20 GB without registration! Yes, it can also upload files quickly as it provides the location of the power in Alsr as well as download tubeless waiting.
Otherwise The way to use this beautiful site is a simple, yet access the link at the bottom of the post, click on the upload file and get a link and then select the file you want to lift it (of course you can lift more than one file at once) and then click on continue and wait for the lift. You will see a download link at the end.


Of course you can also send the file directly to your e-mail, and this after the needs you to it rather than to click on upload and mail files in the first step of this explanation, to choose the files you want to upload and send them via e-mail click on continue you will be asked to enter your address email as well as the consignee address!

At last you can also take advantage of the lifting of a file of 100 GB for free, but this offer is limited to 7 days with each create a new account on the site can click here if you want to create a new account on the site.

Location: myairbridge

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