Sony unveils its final decision

Sony unveils its final decision

After it was Sony has bowed earlier threats hackers group "Guardians of peace" and declared a moratorium display the corresponding movie or The Interview Japanese company decided yesterday and in a surprise step back from its earlier decision and allow displaying the film, starting from tomorrow's Christmas holiday in.

Sony announced that the previous decision to cancel the display came against the backdrop of serious threats by hackers Guardians of peace process responsible for the greatest piracy in the history of the company, these threats, which reached the physical safety limit for viewers prompted the number of cinemas to refrain from the movie.

But in contrast, there was a lot of movie theaters in the United States, which had expressed interest in the film The Interview and is the thing that has encouraged Sony to return for the decision to film the arrest, despite threats and is confirmed by earlier newspaper "Wall Street Journal", where the CEO said Sony Pictures for "We are proud to give the audience this film, through the resistance of those who tried to suppress freedom of expression."

There is no doubt that the first beneficiary of all this uproar is Sony itself, which has earned the best possible publicity for her new film The Interview will ensure a resounding success.

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