Ten sites on the internet earn millions of dollars annually from Google Adsense!

Ten sites on the internet earn millions of dollars annually from Google Adsense!

There are many sites that just devastating millions of dollars each year from Google Adsense! Not to mention used for other advertising companies or direct contracting with some companies in order to finance ads on the site. For it in this post Sagherpk more of these sites devastating millions, not only thousands of dollars each year, with only the 2014 sites, such as Ehow site wins almost every year to US $ 38.4 million ie about $ 3.2 million each month! The position is that mashable Weather dividends every year for the founders of US $ 3000000, or $ 250,000 each month. The site digitalpoint Ivr profit each year by 2340000, or $ 195,000 each month.

The rest of the other sites are as follows:

Site POF: win every year of $ 2280000 per year which 190,000 each month
Site DIGG: win every year of $ 1800000 per year which 150,000 each month
Site techcrunch: win every year of $ 1200000 per year which 100,000 each month
Site Perez Hilton: winning every year to $ 720,000 per year of any of 60,000 every month
Site shoemoney: winning every year to $ 240,000 per year of any of 20,000 every month
Site labnol: winning every year to $ 120,000 per year of any of 10,000 every month
Site clickindia: win every year of $ 108,000 each year any 9000 every month

If returned to the excised establishing some of these sites, you'll find it all started very small, but work hard to Masisea as well as insisting on success, making these sites of the most famous sites on the Internet, which has helped the owners to live a dignified life to the dream they dreamed it. This, dear reader, if you own a small site and now aspires to be the most successful in the future Vthompsk Bhelmk This is the difference between you and sites that fail to success. Because there are those who can cope with all the patience and the obstacles that may be encountered, and there are those who lacked the patience to make it fail, or of an attempt.

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