Tim Cook shocked by the BBC report!

Tim Cook shocked by the BBC report!

At a time when the American company "Apple" indicate that they are more companies interested in the rights of workers, an interview with the British channel BBC report on the difficult working conditions in Signifying Suppliers Apple's factories in China and is revealed, which will put the company's image is at stake.

British channel BBC completed investigative report on working conditions in the company's factories in China, and the report has been completed as accurately and professional major, where he was allowed to know the very difficult working conditions for workers, especially with regard to the long hours of work.

And for the completion of the report of British journalists posing BBC channel and the role of the workers were employed in one of the factories where Signifying Suppliers Apple iPhone made mobile 6 in order to be close to the workers, and has been to use small cameras and hidden in order to document all the events, but the phases of this the report has never been in favor of Apple.

One of the journalists in the identity of the undercover agent in the factory work for 18 days for 12 continuous hours before finally gets a day of rest, in addition to continued attrition of workers, and it seems that this report will hurt the reputation and interests of Apple.

CEO of Apple, "Tim Cook," and in an internal letter addressed to the staff of the company in Britain announced the shock to the report, but on the other hand said that they change the company's efforts exerted in order to improve working conditions.

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