Top 10 steps to ensure the archive your site in Google

Top 10 steps to ensure the archive your site in Google

When talking about archiving Moqek in Google crawl and SEO There are three main steps to ensure success with Google, which are as follows:

For archiving your site in Google you

A.) To make sure Google spiders to crawl your site.
B.) To archive your pages in Google.
C.) To obtain advanced results in searches.

In this article we are going to start with we will talk only about the first two factors creep spiders to your site and these pages are archived in Google which Masicod your site for advanced results in Google's search operations, and we'll talk about Google only being the most Division and the most credible in the search results of the engine.

What is crawling?

Search engine sends bots to crawl tasks (GoogleBot) to browse certain pages on the Internet. If you have a new site you releasing it on Google, you must start working to allow this initiates the spiders to crawl your site and the discovery of pages. This task does not end spiders crawl, but only after the discovery of the content will begin the process of archiving.

What is indexing?

When he finds a spider (BOT) and starts crawling your site on this page, it is added to the list of pages to crawl her earlier and which belong to the same category. This process is called archiving. In the research you'll find that the content is arranged systematically by category, keyword, and other reference. In cataloging this makes it easy as it was for readers to find Mibgeson him with ease and the results are guaranteed, the Google also work indexing of a different kind as it saves a complete copy of the page in another creep process carried out, which results in a cached version that may not be actually exist or have been moved, but kept in memory Google since last visit to your site.
You as a user of the system, Google Search, and when you Badkhal search term and not, for example, (WordPress SEO) Google is heading quickly to these pages that have been previously archived for judging any page of which fit this upright or search phrase entered to return the results of an answer to a query researcher and his request, using mathematical algorithms are very complex and linked pages archived factors may choose Google first pages that must be displayed to the user which made Google the search giant in the world.

All of this that we talked about for creep and archiving leads to one question as subjects of new sites is how do I tell Google about the site and how can I start sending my web pages to archive research, and I'm going today Bdorjs tell you with 10 way to lead you to that and not necessarily going to these steps in the order as it you can start from any step you want.

The first step: create an account in Webmaster Tools in Google

Get an account in Webmaster Tools and Google account in Google Analytics Google statistics are two things very important and account supervisors is very important. Your record here. This will account you can check to crawl your site and give you a percentage of the daily creep to the site, as shown in the picture below.

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Step Two: XML site maps and HTML

Is the location maps of different forms of the most important factors to help Google crawl all your pages, for the first type of site maps, which are XML format, which is generated from the way SEO add-ons ready for codes operating on WordPress, which will be added later in Webmaster Tools, as in image clarified and will help Google to identify all the links your old and also new sites of which have been created recently. As for the other type, which is in the form of an HTML page containing all the links on your site, it is also important as it was where the strengthening and enhancing your internal links.

The third step: building links coming to your site

Construction of external links is important, especially when the choice of strategies to build strong links to sites her popularity is high and in ways that normal this will lead to a creepy Google to go to your website by those associated with your sites, and we have to write some blog on foreign ties and ways to build and how to choose the sites to be correlation it correctly, because the random link may lead to your site to spam sites Ranked among the first and most importantly The end of the external links are linking your site and similar sites in ways that sound natural.

Step Four: Profile on Google+

Create a profile in the + Google and add a link to your website in My choice is of great benefit to your site. Add to + Google posts contain links to your web site. The fact that those links come from Google bot factory so it will be of very great importance. It will also benefit from the construction site parameters and direction on the social network Google+.

Step five: Add your site in the directory open world

Google and many other sites are using the Open Directory DMOZ to pull archived, including location data and also to crawl those sites through DMOZ and also add the site to the Open Directory his importance in the popularity of your site increase Hence it was necessary for webmasters seeking permanently to add their sites to the Open Directory has we explain the best ways to add your site to DMOZ Open Directory.

Step Six: The source code compiler clean

You can make the way for Google bot Temple and easy to archive your site quickly and without problems by cleaning the compiler code by applying the W3C basics and also you should not be too much code surrounding text provided in your site may not see the visitors that the quantum of tags code, but spiders archiving find those codes which leads to obstruct the work of spiders and slow archiving in your site. And also you should always be careful that the text relative to the good HTML.

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Step Seven: The fastest site = archiving faster

Was and still is the speed of the site and the speed of the server response of the most important factors to help increase archiving speed The more your pages have the ability to download at high speed lyrics became susceptibility archiving faster and higher so it was not necessary to the website owner to increase the speed of its location in all possible ways, there are free ways and you can do it yourself help you to improve the speed of your tool in the search engines, and there are simple ways driven the cost does not exceed the US $ 5 are provided by experts who are improving site speed in Google and help you get the best possible result in faster access to the site.

Step Eight: Ensure internal links are good and solid for your website

It is very important to work properly structured to connect the internal pages of your site with each other and this is done in several ways, including by similar or other posts by the same user and other methods, but you care to another important thing which is not more than 200 link included in every page so as not to violate the content policies and exposure to risk your ban personally, I strongly advise that the number of links does not exceed the 100 because that would not be in the interests of the owner of the site and there will be benefit from the work of this great link between the pages.

Step Nine: Good site navigation

You do not build the site only for the search engines, but for visitors and help in archiving your site is the Visitor's ability to navigate within your site freely and be aware of all the ins and outs of the posts and make it possible to move easily within the site and return to participate to the main Allsafhh easily this would give ease in mobility and flexibility in visitor traffic to your site.

Step Ten: Keep the renewed content

All previous Ktoat is not valuable if your site does not contain a renewable content The content is the nucleus of the Sioux and the allocation of research and archiving and crawl engines, yes, writing a renewable content is the most important factor of rapid and exclusive content unique and useful archiving factors is your weapon and that helps you to build a strong Odhu site distinctive reputation and earn the trust from which the search engines and also ensures that you arrive to the top searches and the first pages in Google.

Source: Code Black Eagle

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