Top 5 Android games for this week (3)

Top 5 Android games for this week <3>

welcm you follow the blog of educate yourself in number of new weekly  that we choose for you the best 5 games android, the number of new and different in this series, I hope to gain my choices satisfaction and  , and you can always join us your comments and suggestions as well as criticisms of the development of this weekly program.
Top 5 Android games for this week [3

The game sports a classic Sudoku is one of the greatest means of entertainment that can not be absent on mobile devices. This time, this game offers a new way to play Sudoku, test yourself with different and new challenges .java game can be included within the mind and intelligence games.

Many of you may have played a famous game Plague. This game we are facing is quite similar, which is also a game sinister and bizarre Task which is making and the design of a deadly disease for the extermination of the human race, you can choose the symptoms of the disease and what are the causes and others, but it is important to cause the death of a person before going to the doctor. Fun game and tells you advance planning and make informed decisions.

Another fun game, and is a game adventures and exciting set in the present time and progress in the form of separate episodes eventful interesting, the story of the game revolves about adventurer Arabic and sister proficient themselves in an adventure full of twists and turns in trying to trace travelers known as Ibn Battuta, of course, this the journey will be full of obstacles and puzzles. Game driven and can be found for free on the Internet.

For lovers of speed games, cars suggest you game Asphalt Overdrive famous Asphalt series!, The game promises fun and excitement as well as the speed and thrill through different stages as provide you with more than 30 cars, including Lamborghini, Ferrari and others. The game featured the small size compared with the distinctive sound effects.with the distinctive sound effects.

From the famous as well as games in Google Play and even Apple Store game Babel Rising 3D .oha of entertaining and fun games that will never tire of them, which prevent the Babylonians from building the famous Tower of Babel is trying to shed the lightning and earthquakes, meteors or floods do not even build.

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