[Web Design] things you should know if you want to build a website or blog

Web Design

Before that shows my website or blog form that you see now, graduate passed a lot of obstacles and problems that brought me to I do not want to complete the site and stop ... but after that I learned from my experiences repeated  I was able to finished site in a simple time Jaddaa
, you'll learn things or steps that must be taken before the creation of your site.

1-VPL anything you'll learn the HTML and the CSS must
I do not mean professionalism but to know at least the basics of both of them and those who do not know the HTML They programming language used in the creation of Web pages or sites which stands
  Of Hyber Text Markup Language, in fact is easier than you can imagine, and you can only get an idea about the limits of two hours of watching educational videos on the YouTube site

Either the CSS They are part of the HTML which stands for Cascading Style Sheet which is responsible for the appearance of the site in terms of backgrounds and colors of links and other a lot of stuff
Now that you know both the HTML and the CSS you can move to the second step which is the Domain Name

2-domain Nim 
Maybe this name may have heard of before, and probably did not hear, but certainly you might Taatsal now what is the Domain Name ??
Simply type the Domain Name is a site that you want to create the sense that DroosONline.com is Domain Nim and Google.com is the Domain and yahoo.com Nim Nim is the Domain Name ..... and so on, but what interest or domain Nim?
Domain Nim is a very important part of the site because it is the site address and faced him and expresses the content of the site and there are a lot of things that you should know about the domain Nim, but in another article about domain Nim only

3-hosting Hosting
Or the hosting Hosting is what allows Internet users around the world to visit your site, but how?
Hosting is a storage area provided by you hosting company in order to raise your site and it will be available for any one of his visit, this is simply interested in hosting
After connecting the URL or domain hosting Nim can someone once to write your address in the browser it arrives at your site with ease and considered hosting is in charge of one thing when creating a website

4-The Cpanel
The Cpanel is an abbreviation for the Control Panel and is not much different from the control panel or the panel in control on the computer, but the painting is concerned with and manage everything to control the location of where the databases and manage files on the site and e-mail accounts for the site and others and other stuff many that will identify them later

5. The total cost of the site Cost
Before something starts you first have to get an idea of the cost and how to pay this cost ... and through research and personal experience I can tell you that the site will cost in the range of $ 55 per year  and payment is made through Visa for Internet and there Multi Ka ml on the site about how the Visa Internet

The truth is there are lots and lots of things that you should know, but these five are the most important and we'll talk about the rest of the things that you should know before the creation of your site but in another article, 

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