Why do you refuse to Google Adsense constantly ... !! ???

Google Adsense

At the beginning and before the start a subject I would like to tell you that I understand exactly what you are currently suffering because of Google Adsense to your request rejected constantly, and in this article I will try as much as possible to give you some tips by which you are accepted in Adsense, God willing
First and foremost, we have to understand several things, which are as follows:

1. There shall be manually review Google Adsense any requests that there is someone to visit your site and based on the visit and other reports for your site to be the answer to your request

2. Google want to put their ads in the site with original content immovable attracts visitors
3. Site design significantly affect the decision of Google Adsense

Now that we explained the main lines should follow the following steps and accurately:

1. Site Domain Name name
Must be a site or domain name Nim paid, ie it must be like know1ledge.com not be, for example, because the domain know1ledge.blogspot.com paid gives him a good request and be on top of audit requests

2. Site Design Site Design
Site contribute significantly to the design of acceptance or rejection, and preferably have a simple design as much as possible and does not contain a lot of additions and flash because it weighs the site and it takes a longer time in the Open

3. Content and content and content
The truth is that the content they are the focal point of which resolved issue, it must be original and non-movable content, and must be in your site at least 80 articles and the length of the article at least 300 words.  It must be the articles as much as possible linked or one area, and make sure that your posts are not alliance Google Adsense policies which they do not contain violent or pornographic content

4-age site
Do not imagine that after two weeks of purchase for Domain Nim and choose the design of the site and the development of content enough that it will be accepted into the Google Adsense easily ... unfortunately we have to wait for a period of 6 months before you are accepted, you'll take advantage of this period to increase content and attract visitors to your site

5. The number of visitors is not a problem
Some might fool you and tells you that the number of visitors helps to accept the request, but this is not true at all, Accepting applications depends on the quality of the site and the quality of the content and not the number of visitors to the "care to the content as much as possible."

6-backward linkages Backlinks
Try to take advantage of the six-month period in building backlinks in blogs, forums and other sites to your site, it helps greatly to raise your site's ranking on the Alexa site and contributes to accept your request

7. "Privacy Policy" page and the page "Me"
You must add page Privacy Policy, and if they were not known for the privacy policy only look on the Internet and you will find them ready her models. In addition to the "Me or About Us" on this page written brief description about you and how to communicate with you was a bad email and phone number.

Tip task
If your order is rejected for any reason, do not re-submit the request again, waiting, and solving the problem because of the refusal and wait for two to four weeks before re-submit the request again and would prefer to send the request of the new email is who made the request the previous time.
In the end, I hope that Pettm accept your request immediately ... and never lose hope ..

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