Borders do not know about blogging platform Blogger

Borders do not know about blogging platform Blogger

Is the most popular among fans of Blogging Blogging Platform for being easy and simple platform can be for anyone who wishes to blogging and share his thoughts with Mtaatbaah be used in line with it easily but!? There are limits can not be exceeded on the blogger as stated in a news item published by Google forum blogger official said as follows:

We try to give you a lot of fun here at Blogger; so you will notice that many of the "limitations" The mission here is not restricted in the strict sense of the word. The following is some information about what can be carried by a single Blogger account, and in anticipation of whether the risk of any question in your mind in this regard.

Number of Blogs: You can create up to 100 forums in each account.

Number of posts: There is no restriction on the number of posts you can add to any code. And all posts will be saved in your account (unless manually deleted) regardless of whether you publish archives or not.

Posts size: no particular restriction on the size of each share of the posts, but very large posts may conflict with the page size restrictions. (See next item.)

Thread size: adhere to the size of each of the pages the size of 1 MB (Home Blog or Archive) pages. This allows the use of a few hundred pages of text, but the problem may occur if you would put hundreds of posts on the front page of the blog. If this limit is exceeded, you will see "read error" message 006, please contact support Blogger. You can avoid this error to reduce the number of posts on your home page, which will bring the added benefit of making the page load faster as well.

Number of comments: Post could include an infinite number of comments. As is the case for the posts that have been placed in the archive, if you choose to hide comments on your blog, will remain all the comments that are already stored in your account.

Number of images: a total storage capacity of 1 GB, and can be shared with Picasa Web Albums. When you upgrade to + Google, will store your photos in the Photo + Google, where you have 15 GB of storage space and is shared with Gmail and Drive.

Image size: If you publish pictures through Blogger Mobile, there is a limit to the size of up to 250 KB per image.

Team members: the number of members adhere to the Code hundred members each code.

Number of Categories: up to 2,000 unique for each classification code of 20 per share.

Blog Description: limited to 500 characters, without HTML, and may lead to add additional characters or HTML to refer to an earlier setting.

Profile Information "About Me": 1200 characters max.

Interests and preferences Profile: 2000 characters max in each field.

Unfortunately these limits to Atjal of professional notation blogger platform and give privilege to competitors such as Aluwrdbes platform known for being beyond such barriers and give (all the powers) to users.

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