"Obama is" asking for help to address the hackers

"Obama is" asking for help to address the hackers

US President "Barack Obama" asked Friday at a summit conference in security informatics 
"California." Assistance and appealed in front of nearly a thousand people from experts in information security companies and security forces to protect privacy on the Internet, in order to counter-espionage and piracy informatics.
Obama said at the conference that the United States has a very large section of the informatics networks in the private sector in addition to the critical infrastructure in the same field, and said that the state can not protect its own, and even the private sector will not be able to protect itself alone.

This comes the demand of "Obama" especially after that was hacked official accounts of several US media outlets on the site "Twitter" and has been tampered with its contents by pirates who penetrating in the month of January, and as we pointed out in the news earlier for penetration of both the US Department of Defense and the Ministry of Agriculture is not the hacker attacks are still coming in from time to time on various public and private sectors in the United States.

Obama said that the only solution to combat these attacks is the cooperation between the private and public Alqtaain and the companies and information security forces must intensify their efforts in order to reduce the infiltration of hackers to state data, which are sometimes classified information,  . serious and sensitive

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