Starting from the end of 2016 smart phone batteries charging problems! (Video)

Starting from the end of 2016 smart phone batteries charging problems! (Video)

There is no doubt that the shipment of smart phones and other electronic devices Batteries problems is a real dilemma for a large number of both at the level shipping speed users or to the fact that traditional chargers impractical, especially when the user is traveling or out of the house, but this will not be back problem in the near future with this new innovation.

The fourth of February, yesterday project won from South Korea regards duct tape generator grand prize for innovation "Netexplo 2015" at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, the new project is the fruit of the world's research "Byung Jin Zhou" of the South Korean Institute for Higher Science and Technology "KAIST" .

The new project is an adhesive tape bears the name of "Wearable Thermo-Element" is placed on the body who shall absorb part of the heat generated by the body then converts them into electrical energy can be used for charging smartphones and other smart devices wearable, especially regarding the Smart hours, in addition, it will reduce the D battery charger to thirty percent.

Although the project is not the first of its kind but that this award will be given charge of it new impetus as pointed out a number of sources, citing higher South Korean Institute of Science and Technology that the commercial production of this tape Asq will be starting from next year, which means that shipping problems phone batteries smart, which is not as long as Achtkina them on their way to the demise!

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