best 6 phone features iPhone 6 Plus

Despite the large number of attack on Apple's new phone iPhone 6 Plus because of the problem of the bow which circulated global positioning complained of which some users, however, this new phone from Apple one of the best phones for this year remains despite the lack achieved sales huge compared with a companion iPhone 6 ratio of 1: 3, however, Phone met wide acceptance for a class lovers phones with large screens that were previously missing from Apple.

Our belief in providing all the views we will give in this article six features are present in the iPhone 6 Plus lacking Galaxy Note 4 as the strongest competitor to the iPhone 6 Plus, which Samsung previously announced fears of its impact on the Galaxy Note sales volume of 4, which is still first steps begin to sell in global markets since Only three weeks.

Six features found in iPhone 6 Plus lacking Galaxy Note 4:

First metal design
best 6 phone features iPhone 6 Plus
Although the Galaxy Note 4 The first phone is in a series Knott has a metal frame added his touch aesthetic inspired by phone Galaxy Alpha However, the iPhone 6 Plus features a metal design and full, which makes it a touch of luxury irreparable design Knott 4 plastic except for the wonderful metal frame.

-Second, the structure of the thinnest less

Thin chassis

Featuring iPhone 6 Plus a thickness of only 7.1 millimeters gave him a unique look comfortable and put in hand with the metal design integrated, while the Galaxy Note 4 comes with a thickness of 8.5 Mlmitr but it has a very high resistance to deflection reverse iPhone 6 Plus, which faced many problems with the bow, which is more weak points despite Apple's denial of the present problem on all iPhone mobile 6 Plus.

-Third screen brightness

Brighter display

Despite the involvement of the two phones at the edges of 2.5D curved screens technique but the iPhone 6 Plus screen showed brighter light by 30% superior to the Galaxy Note 4 high-resolution screen QHD and that are useful to use your phone abroad during the brightness of the sun.

-Fourthly put slow motion video recording number 240 frames frame / sec

240fps slow-motion HD video mode

With Apple's new processor type A8 and feature new camera stability visual iSight gave the camera an additional advantage is recording high-definition videos HD slow motion Slow-Motion number of high-240 frame per second frames, unlike the Galaxy Note 4 which has the same video recording technology, but the number of frames 120 under a second.

-Fifthly easy access Reachability


With multiple smartphones, which owns a large-sized screens it was necessary to provide some benefits software for ease of dealing with these screens with one hand instead of using your hands together, and that's what I tried Apple introduced in iPhone 6 Plus with pressure twice in a row on the key bottom of the screen to open the Notifications Center from the bottom of the screen instead of the top for easy access to notices with one hand with the screen measuring 5.5 inches and remember that this feature is also present in the phone HTC Desire 816, the Galaxy Note phone 4 with a 5.7-inch screen does not provide this important feature with large screens.

-Sixth horizontal position of the main screen

Landscape interface mode

It is known that iOS systems lack interfaces Android characteristic generally and here the comparison report showed that the phone iPhone 6 Plus is characterized by the response of the main screen has a horizontal position opposite interface Samsung Touchwiz in Galaxy Note 4 and that lack of this feature, but I think that it is easy to overcome this by using one of the other Allanscherat system Android innumerable So here I disagree with the author of the report in this feature.

And here we are done to provide six features found in iPhone 6 Plus lacking Galaxy Note 4, whether we agreed or disagreed on these features remains our role is to clarify the disadvantages and advantages of these phones so far as a complete vision for the user when you buy a new phone.

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